dimanche 30 mai 2010

The car brands make ecology is their main selling

"Leave fewer traces on the planet", said Renault.
"Less CO2, but also less NOx (oxides of nitrogen)", added Toyota.
And when BMW puts forward its plan of engagement "Efficient Dynamics" under titled "Less emissions More fun".
Mercedes Benz replies with "True Blue Solutions : program zero emissions".

On the occasion of the Paris Motor Show, the advertising discourse manufacturers share a common concern: Reconciling automobiles and ecology. A real about-face for brands that only addressed this issue only backwards a few years ago.


Faced with these new requirements, manufacturers are reviewing their advertising copy. The anthem "ecology is the image, not a selling point" is outdated. Proof has been made in recent months on the French market.

The principle of no-claims which ranked vehicles based on the rate of CO2 released has put the spotlight on small and medium-duty engines forte manufacturers hex. The promotional campaigns then extolled the virtues of comparative ecological models. And the marks do not fail to dress the rework of the old vehicles under new colors green, or blue. Known as "Blue Motion" at Volkswagen (VW) or "Blue Lion" for Peugeot, these commercial operations have focused on the allocation of bonuses for small cars. For, as stated in Luke Wise agency V: "If 90% of French say they are committed to the environment, only one quarter is willing to pay more." Heel says: "There has been manipulation of the environmental issue for commercial purposes. Everyone has the pragmatic green."

As for the argument of fuel consumption, it is ubiquitous in automotive advertising. "The problem of purchasing power is fundamental. This summer, the French reduced their gasoline consumption," said Alain Roussel, co-founder of the agency's one thing that extols the benefits of Saab cars that run on bioethanol. We also remember the commercial for the Citroen C3, which showed its owner defying a possessor of 4 × 4 to a gas station. Audi also demonstrates his keynote address focusing on performance and technology by the expected benefits in terms of reduced fuel consumption. And to discuss the new Golf, VW shows an engineer by filling with a mini-green jerry kept ... in a safe.

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