jeudi 10 juin 2010

Toyota Auris Hybrid

The Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept was unveiled in 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept version included Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, 18-inch alloy wheels with low rolling resistance tyres, a larger, more efficient rear spoiler, 20 mm lower ride height, seats and upper dashboard with blue Gaucholino leather upholstery, instrument cluster with hybrid blue illumination, solar panel roof with ventilation.

The production version of the Auris Hybrid Synergy Drive was presented in the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, together with a line-up of three gasoline and three diesel engine variants. Mass production began in May 2010 at Toyota Manufacturing UK (TMUK) Burnaston plant and became the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle to be built in Europe. Sales in the U.K. are scheduled for July 2010, at a price starting at £18,950 (USD27,450), £550 (USD800) less than the Toyota Prius. The 2011 Auris Hybrid shares the same powertrain as the Prius, and also features a 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. Combined fuel economy is 62 miles per US gallon (3.8 L/100 km; 74 mpg-imp).

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