samedi 4 septembre 2010

Toyota Crown Majesta

The Toyota Crown Majesta is a full-size premium luxury automobile,shares a stretched variant of the UZS platform series from the smaller Toyota Crown and Lexus GS/Toyota Aristo, however, it is not just a upper trim level of the Crown sedan, the Majesta is a separate car with unique styling and interior treatment.

2009 March 26, full model change about five years. The whole "sum" incorporate the tastes of the design strength of the current generation CAMRY somewhat subdued compared to the extrusion body style. The local news reports, the "crown" off the naming of "MAJESTA" but the vehicle was reported to be independent, even after the remodel, "MAJESTA Crown" and the name of the Crown inherited. Traffic along the length of the period not exceeding 5m Japan 4995mm, width 1810mm and where body size was expanded, the Lexus LS is also characterized by small size. This vehicle is sold in China and as such, the steering wheel is on the left side.

Lexus GS and LS engine is mounted to the 1UR-FSE engine is used, 4WD models of the "i-Four" because of the space in the engine room for engine center differential the 1UR Because of the fit, the power train previous generation (4.3L the 3UZ-FE +6 AT) are still employed.

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