dimanche 16 octobre 2011

BMW i series

BMW i3 Concept – The Future SUV

The BMW i3, previously Mega City Vehicle (MCV), is an urban electric car under development by BMW. The i3 is part of BMW's "Project i" and is being planned as a new brand, BMW i. The BMW i3 is expected to go into mass production in 2013 with deliveries in several world markets by that year end.The i3 concept car was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and BMW announced the electric car will have a “REx” range extender option. BMW plans to showcase a BMW i3 prototype during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

The i3 will be BMW first zero emissions mass produced vehicle due to its electric powertrain, and BMW also expects to be the first company to launch a volume production vehicle on the market featuring carbon-fiber reinforced plastic to improve the vehicle's energy consumption.

BMW i8 Concept – Combines an Electric Drive System And a Combustion Engine

The BMW i8, first introduced as the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics, is a plug-in hybrid under development by BMW. The initial concept car was unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the BMW i8 concept car destined for production was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The i8 has a 7.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which delivers an all-electric range of 35 km (22 mi).

In 2010 BMW announced the mass production of the Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics in Leipzig begining in 2013 as the BMW i8. The i8 is part of BMW's "Project i" and will marketed as a new brand, BMW i, sold separately from BMW or Mini. The BMW i3 and the BMW i8 will be the first models available from 2013. Other i models will follow.

According to BMW, the average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle (KV01) is 3.76 liters/100 kilometers, (75.1 mpg imp), and has a carbon dioxide emission rating of 99 grams per kilometer (1,3 l/100km and 33g CO2/km ; EU-PHEV ECE-R101). The estimated all-electric range is 50 km (31 mi), and the 24-litre diesel tank extends the total vehicle range to up to 700 km (430 mi). The lightweight chassis is made mainly from aluminium. The windshield, top, doors and fenders are made from polycarbonate glass, with the body having a drag coefficient of 0.22.

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