samedi 15 octobre 2011

Harm Lagaay (designed the BMW Z1 sports car)

Harm Lagaay (28 December 1946, The Hague) is a Dutch automobile designer. Educated in the Netherlands he completed the studies at the IVA and went to work for a Dutch company Olyslager in Soest.

In the late 1960s, Lagaay went to work for Simca, then from 1971 for Porsche. He worked in the team designing Porsche 911 and designed Porsche 924. From 1977 Lagaay worked as Chief of Design for Ford in Cologne, and moved to BMW in 1985.

He returned to Porsche in 1989 as head of the "Style Porsche" department in Weissach.
He retired from Porsche in July 2004 and has been followed by Michael Mauer of Germany.

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