dimanche 2 octobre 2011

Ichiro Suzuki (the man behind the successful debut of the Lexus marque)

Ichiro Suzuki is a Japanese automotive engineer who was responsible for the design and construction of the first Lexus LS. Born in 1937, he joined Toyota Motor Corporation shortly after graduating from Nagoya University with a degree in engineering. By the time he was placed in charge of the Lexus development effort, otherwise known as the F1 project, Suzuki had amassed 25 years of experience at the firm in multiple areas of vehicle development. Suzuki's brainchild, the LS 400, launched in 1989, laying the groundwork for the successful debut of the Lexus marque.

The 1989 launch of Suzuki's biggest project, the Lexus LS, proved to be a major success, with the sedan outselling rival flagship models within its first year on the market. With this achievement, Suzuki gained legendary status within the company as the "Michael Jordan of chief engineers." In 2000, Suzuki was honored with the title of gikan, or executive advisory engineer, and mentored other Lexus engineers before retiring in 2003.

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