dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Isao Tohda (played an important role in the development of Mazda RX-8 rotary engine)

Isao Tohda, a key member of the Ibuki development team who also played an important role in the development of Mazda RX-8 .

Isao Tohda had fallen in love with the RX-7 long before he worked for Mazda. On the day he took delivery of the first of the three RX-7’s he had owned, it was snowing. He spent the rest of the day in the car, stationary.

He was an engineering student at the time and had one desire – to work for the ‘RX-7 company’. Mazda saw in Tohda a person imbued with the Mazda spirit. Like most Mazda people, someone who had the potential to make a difference. And he did. In a design simply titled, ‘A New Sports Car’, Tohda included the front-midship engine placement that provided rare 50/50 weight distribution so critical for true sports car performance. This design went on to become a unique and radical feature of the Mazda RX-8.

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