dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Peter Birtwhistle (the head designer of Mazda Kiyora)

Birtwhistle joined Mazda as a senior designer in 1988, was promoted to Chief Designer in 1990 and has been leading Mazda’s European design operations since 2000. Before joining Mazda, Birtwhistle was assistant exterior studio chief designer at Porsche, and a studio designer at Audi and Vauxhall.

In the more than 20 years Birtwhistle has spent at Mazda, the Oberursel studio has made important contributions to numerous production and concept programs including: 323F/Lantis coupe, concepts for the Xedos range of cars, Premacy van, last generation 323 and 626, first generation Mazda6, first and second generation Mazda3, third generation MX-5, Mazda6 MPS, Mazda5 and the show concepts Neo-Space, Sassou, Hakaze, and Kiyora.

Birtwhistle studied automotive design at the Royal College of Art, London. His hobbies include cooking, travel, painting, motor sport and fishing.

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