jeudi 13 octobre 2011

Peter Stevens (a great sportcar designer)

Peter Stevens (born 1945) is a British car designer.

Having worked freelance for most of his career, and spent five years at Lotus Cars he took a job as lead designer at the MG Rover Group in 2000. He is the visiting Professor of Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art. Stevens was named 2002 Automotive Designer of the Year by AutoCar Magazine.

In July, 2011, it was announced that Stevens would be brought on board as director of design at Rivian Automotive, a green auto manufacturer located in Rockledge, Florida. Stevens is to head-up the vehicle's design development and coordinate styling on Rivian's flexible vehicle platform. This platform allows for various powertrain options including advanced gasoline, diesel-electric and plug-in electric construction.

Some of his most notable designs are;
Jaguar XJR-15
Lotus Elan M100
McLaren F1
Lotus Esprit (redesign)
Subaru '555' WRC Imprezas
Subaru Impreza P1 and Prodrive P2 (also based on an Impreza engine)
MG 'Z' cars
MG XPower SV

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