dimanche 2 octobre 2011

Yukihiko Yaguchi (the designer of the first generation Lexus IS F)

Yukihiko Yaguchi is a Japanese automotive engineer and designer responsible for the design of the first generation Lexus IS F. Born in 1955, he has over 30 years of experience in car design,having worked as head of development and planning for Lexus, where he holds the title of chief engineer. Yaguchi previously worked on the development of the Toyota Chaser and all generations of the Toyota Supra.

The IS F is the sports version of the normal Lexus IS sedan. For the IS F, Yaguchi was inspired by driving in a lot of other cars. In an interview, he said that he loves sports cars, but thinks it’s a pity that the most sports cars have 2 seats instead of 4. Exactly that idea was the basis for the IS F.

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