mardi 4 décembre 2012

3 Toyota concept cars

Toyota NS4

The Toyota NS4 is a plug-in hybrid concept car unveiled at the January 2012 North American International Auto Show.

The NS4 has similar looks to a lengthened Prius. Safety equipment includes pre-collision radar which alerts the driver and also guides the NS4 away from obstacles, headlights which self-adjust to avoid glare for other vehicles, cameras providing a complete wrap-around view instead of mirrors. A solar panel covers the roof to recharge the battery.

Toyota FT-Bh

The Toyota FT-Bh is a hybrid concept car unveiled at the March 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

Toyota Camatte

The Toyota Camatte is an electric concept car unveiled at the June 2012 Tokyo Toy Show instead of the more usual Tokyo Motor Show.The name 'Camatte' comes from the Japanese word 'kamau', meaning 'care'.

The Camatte's outer panels are removable, allowing the user to customised the body work. Two sets of panels have been shown - the Camatte Sora has an aqua and white, rounded design with cycle guards over the front wheels and the Camatte Daichi has a sandy brown, angular design with integrated front wheel guards. At the Tokyo Toy Show Toyota showed the body panels being swapped between a Sora and a Daichi.

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  1. The good thing about Toyota cars is that although they were given a bad reputation due to their habitual recall. I think with these concept they have already gain the trust of some people.